The Institute

Mission Statement

The Georgetown University Italian Research Institute is an initiative of the Georgetown University College of Arts & Sciences that aims to identify, promote, and support contemporary Italian scholars’ and leaders’ innovative research and contributions to all fields from medicine, the sciences, technology, engineering, international affairs, finance, industry, the arts, design, literature, to film.  Through seminars, conferences, symposia, and colloquia the Institute seeks to serve as a forum to learn, share ideas, examine new discoveries, and engage in finding solutions to challenges confronting research.  

The Institute’s goal is to be an agent of change that will facilitate close collaboration between Italian and non-Italian scholars and leaders and stimulate research energy, concentrate on critical issues, and produce faster and tangible outcomes to benefit the community at large. Themed conferences and seminars organized by the Institute will be held on the main campus of Georgetown University and at the Institute Headquarters.  All proceedings from the conferences will be published in the Institute’s annual scholarly publication and made available via the web and print media.  To gauge the impact of its activities the Institute will engage in follow-ups and periodic evaluations.

In light of its international stature, and commitment to research and teaching Georgetown is well positioned to house the Institute that not only celebrates significant Italian scholarship and contributions but also serves as a link between Georgetown and prominent scholars and leaders.  The Institute intends to work with Georgetown’s faculty and support both graduate and undergraduate students’ scholarly endeavors. Furthermore, the Institute collaborates closely with the Italian Department, one of the few autonomous departments in the country, and with the Italian Embassy in Washington DC.  By bringing to Georgetown experts in their fields, the Institute also seeks to inspire a new generation of talented young scholars, inventors, scientists, business leaders, and artists to follow in their footsteps.  We also plan to support young promising scholars by offering a small number of fellowships.

The Headquarters of the Institute is located in an elegant townhouse in the heart of Georgetown, within walking distance from the main campus. The Headquarters serves as a meeting place, lodgings for visiting scholars, and an office.  The Georgetown Italian Research Institute will be a powerful voice that celebrates contemporary Italian talent and contributions in a larger national and international context for the common good.